Consumer Loans

Premier Credit offers unsecured loans to employees where the employer has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and agreed to make loan repayment deductions directly from the employee salary (Check-Off). All loans are processed and disbursed in 24 hours.

We offer a range of products to government payroll clients e.g. Teachers Service Commission and civil servants, as categorized below.

12 months loan.
24 months loan.
36 months loan.
48 months loan.
60 months loan.
Top up loan/2nd loan.
Loan – consolidation (Buy-offs).


3 current payslips.
Copy of National ID.
Passport photo.
Copy of appointment letter.


Cash Xpress Loan product is an innovative way for Teachers who are employed by ……. to Access Mobile loans through their Mobile phones by dialing *241#. As pioneers in Technology, we always scan our environment to see how best we can delight our customers and Cash Xpress will no doubt revolutionize Check-off loans. If you are not able to access our service through *241# send us an email to – [email protected] and we will activate your profile.


  • No paperwork.
  • Fast and Convenient.
  • Flexible repayment periods through Check-off.
  • No security or guarantors.