Premier Core Values

Time is of the essence:

Speed is better than talk. Our efficient systems and appreciation for promptness in funding delivery are the hallmark of our operations. Our lending processes are simple and brief.


Entrepreneurs supporting entrepreneurs. We value our experiences as entrepreneurs and are keen to share them with our clients to see them realize their goals.


We are constantly scanning the environment to ensure that we add value and deliver the latest tried and tested innovative technology to our clients. A regular re-evaluation of our products, services and processes is therefore embraced as an opportunity for growth.

Incredible Customer Care:

Customer care is not a department. Any representative of the Premier Brand is competent to respond to a customer query.

Best People:

At Premier Credit, we start with good people – who bring in other good people - who refer us to even more good people. We are our company’s biggest fans.

We are the "they".

“They” does not exist at Premier Credit. We are the “they.” One team. United – supporting each other and supporting our clients